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Toyota Tacoma 2021

The 2021 Toyota Tacoma is an off-road monster truck perfect for both adventures and day-to-day activities. It sports a powerful V6 engine, a cozy interior, the latest technology to keep you entertained, and great towing ability. Boasting an aggressive grille, LED lights, and a tailgate with grade-specific taillights, the Toyota Tacoma remains an exclusive truck that will allow you to work and play while turning many eyes. Read more to learn five great features of the Toyota Tacoma.

5 Great Features of the 2021 Toyota Tacoma

Off-road Capability

If you love adventure, you will enjoy this off-road monster. It boasts an electronically controlled locking rear differential and crawl-control, enabling seamless handling and navigation through obstacles and rough terrain. The shocks offer consistent performance when the going gets tough by soaking up the trail's impacts, allowing you to enjoy your adventure. This monster truck contains high-performance components and five modes of multi-terrain selection to choose from, improving traction.

Impressive Performance

Loyal to the Toyota Brand, the Tacoma comes with a peppy 3.6L V6 direct-injection engine with enough muscle to handle both your daily commutes and your long adventures. It features specially engineered parts and accessories that can handle the world's most challenging terrains. High-tech designs perfectly blend in power and efficiency, offering you everything you desire. With a 6800lb towing capacity and trailer sway control, you can carry anything on your adventure and still maintain control.

Comfortable Interiors

With the Toyota Tacoma, you get a dose of luxury and convenience at the same time. The power-adjustable seats offer lumbar support and are leather-trimmed to give you a taste of ultimate sophistication. Tacoma's refined interior features soft-touch material to keep you cozy and dual-zone automatic climate control that enables you to monitor the cabin’s temperature to you and your passengers’ preferences.

Guaranteed Safety

Toyota Tacoma boasts high-tech systems that will keep your mind at peace by ensuring safety wherever you go. The PCS w/PD alerts you of possible collusion and automatically brakes if you fail to react. The LDA will come in handy when you are on the road and let you know when you are departing from your lane. The BSM will make backing out of a parking spot or driveway a walk in the park by letting you know when there are any vehicles behind you.

Intuitive Infotainment System

Whether you are alone or have passengers, your adventures must not be boring. Tacoma offers an upgrade to your connectivity and infotainment through a versatile multimedia system. You can connect your smartphone and use the Toyota+Alexa app to make it easy for you to listen to music, get the news, get updates on the weather, and make or receive calls. You can customize the MID to give info like your current mpg and MTS settings.

The Toyota Tacoma has escalated into being a favorite for most off-road enthusiasts because of its rugged exterior, powerful and capable engine, and luxurious interior. Its exceptional performance